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Workshop: Improve your GPU programming skills

Free online workshop with ENCCS

This workshop is for researchers and developers who already have basic knowledge in OpenACC and/or CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) and would like to extend their GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) skills.

The workshop consists of lectures, type-alongs and hands-on sessions and will be divided between OpenACC Framework and CUDA. The lectures about OpenACC include the key steps in porting high performance accelerated code: analysis, parallelization and optimization.

The lectures about CUDA includes two main topics:

  • How to optimize computational kernels for efficient execution on GPU hardware
  • How to explore task-based parallelism using streams and events

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What does SYSCO do?

SYSCO helps ENCCS with setup and manage their GPU foundation for their upcoming workshops.


ENCCS workshop
ENCCS workshop
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